Champions League DreamTeam Game

We are looking for the best coach of saison!

If you are a soccer expert, know the teams and player of the UEFA Champions League 2013-2014, you could be the next winner of our manager game.

Send us YOUR DREAMTEAM and take part in our contest!


To win (you can choose one of these):

Álomfoci (dreamfootball) t-shirt



adidas Champions League ball


pub night for 2 in the Jaromir Czech Pub


Sign-up: Till 12 pm 09/15/2012 – You can give us your best 11 in the comment box below or on facebook writing to Álomfoci community.

About the rules:

1. you got points only if your player was lined up or substituted in

2. if your player played in a winning team, gets 3 points, if the game was a draw, 1 point

3. points of scorers: a defender receives 5 points/goal, a midfielder 4 points, a striker 3 points (in case of penalty goal – no matter what position the scorer plays – 3 points) – goalkeeper earns 6 points/

4. the defence (goalkeeper+defenders) receives 3-3 points if it doesn’t have a goal against in a match

5. only 11 players can be set, in the winter break (after the group stage) you can substitute 3 players in your team (and according to that change the tactical formation)

6. you can choose 1 of these 3 formations:

1-4-4-2 (4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 forwards)



The playes’ position is what you can see on

7. you can have only 2 players from a single club

8.  there is no top player’s list but you can have altogether 8 players from the 4 Top Leagues (Spanish, English, German, Italian) in any combination

9.There is a Lex Messi-Ronaldo: if you choose one of them, you can’t have any other player from the Spanish League.

10. if a player will be sent off, receives -2 points

11. From the round of 16 on extra time is possible. In such cases the result of the 120 minutes is relevant (not the result after 90 minutes)

12. After every round you will find the actual table on this page – if you won’t like to be there with your first name, give a username or a fantasy name of your team!

13. If you have already played in the last season, you can use the same team with maximal 3 changes (according to the rules). In this case you start the new season with +20 points!

Good luck and have fun!

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